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Becoming a Blogger

This post contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details. I’ve wanted to have a “successful blog” for years. And I’ve wanted to be a successful writer for even longer. I don’t know what that means, really. I mean, what exactly defines “success” in the blogging world? Is it the number of subscribers? The quality of the content? The consistency of the content? The engagement of readers? I suspect it’s some mix of all of the above. Colleagues told me I was brave for leaving full-time employment. Some even said they wish they were brave enough to do…

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Grateful Giving

This year, I decided to do something new with my photography business. I’ve had this business for several years now but it’s never been a primary focus of mine. My full-time job always held that spot. But, since leaving the 8-5 world, there is more space for it to be a primary focus. I’ve had more clients than ever this year and I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of them for the trust they put in me to capture some of their memories this year.  To show that gratitude, I decided to give each client a small…

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A Life I Haven’t Earned

Ever feel lost and stuck? Yeah, that’s me right now. Lost I’m feeling lost because I don’t know what I want to do now nor do I know what the Lord wants me to do now. I left full-time employment because I was feeling trapped; like I was suffocating. I wanted freedom. And I thought I wanted that freedom in order to do my own thing on my own terms and in my own time in the form of entrepreneurship. In other words, I wanted to work. I just didn’t want to work for someone else. But now that I’m out, I…

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When God Wants to Be Your Boss

“Make Me your job.” This is the impression I received from the Lord back in April as I pondered, for the millionth time, when and if I could leave my full-time job. I was at a women’s retreat that my church holds each year. It was the first time I’d attended and, to be honest, I hadn’t even wanted to go. I mean, I did kinda sorta want to go, but…not really. I hadn’t had great experiences with women’s anything – much less retreats, where you’re stuck with a whole slew of women you don’t even know for multiple days and…

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31 Days of Holy Hustle: Day 5

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details. Today’s Holy Hustle Review Work Hard BJD Photography Yesterday, I actually caught the books up for the photography business. My background is actually in accounting and finance so I’ve always done the books for the business (and for our nonprofit business, as well). I’m not a CPA and have no desire to ever become one but I do enjoy basic bookkeeping, financial management and accounting. However, because my life’s been a little nuts, I haven’t stayed on top of the books like I should. The last time…

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31 Days of Holy Hustle: Day 3

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details. Today’s Holy Hustle Review Work Hard Well, today was a bit of a bust in the “work hard” category. I checked out a local meeting of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this morning and didn’t realize how long it would last. Right about two hours, by the way. Then, a mentor of mine – who I haven’t seen in quite a while, actually – was there and wanted to take me to lunch afterwards. Awesome! …but not what I was planning on. So, I didn’t get back home…

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31 Days of Holy Hustle: Day 2

Today’s Holy Hustle Review Work Hard BJD Photography I am so very close to having all of the images edited from the newborn session! Just a handful left! Today was a productive day on that front. I’m not the fastest image editor, perhaps because I’m actually learning a lot about editing still, but I am getting better with each shoot! I also got my October newsletter created and scheduled to go out tomorrow. It takes longer than one might think to pull together a newsletter…or, at least, it takes me longer…but, I’m convinced that as I do these kinds of…

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31 Days of Holy Hustle: Day 1

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details. Before I start this series, I think it’s important to identify – as much as I can right now – what falls in the category of “work” and what falls into “rest.” Knowing the responsibilities of my life that feel like work, whether or not they actually produce an income, is necessary to help me determine what to hustle at while, similarly, knowing what truly brings me rest in life is necessary to be able to pursue it well. Crystal Stine, in her book Holy Hustle (where…

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31 Days of Holy Hustle: Discovering What “Holy Hustle” Looks Like When I’m My Own Boss

Last week, I took a “sabbatical” in a popular tourist town a few hours from where I live. The point was to spend a few days alone and away from “life” to rest, relax and pray into this next, completely new and foreign, season of life I am entering. It was to spend some quality time with the Lord with no agenda, no obligations and no expectations other than to enjoy His presence and commune with Him. I admit, I had no idea how to actually do those things. I mean, I’m a doer more than a be-er. Side note:…

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The Best Thing About My Vacation Ending

Scott and I just returned from vacation this weekend. All last week, we were on our first ever cruise! We sailed from Galveston to the ports of Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. It was seven days of relaxation, sun, water and fun. We had a balcony room and watched the sunrise from it each morning while eating breakfast. At each port, we scheduled an excursion and swam with dolphins, stingrays, sharks and lots of other sea life. On sea days, we jumped into several of the activities on board the Liberty for entertainment,…

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